You should publish a book: learn the different paths to get it done!

I’m sure you wish to write a book someday.  Okay,  let me rephrase: I’m certain you want to become a published author one day? If so, then read on.

Some of you probably don’t know what it takes to be one.  Some of you don’t know the different ways to become a published author.  In fact,  some of you are too scared of failure. It’s okay to be scared.

In short, becoming an author isn’t for the weak. And it shouldn’t be for those seeking fame and wealth. Becoming an author in today’s day and age can be difficult. Very close to not being able to achieve such a dream. 

Now,  my question is what options are available for publishing your book?

Traditional Publishing

In the early months of 2019, the most popular publishers whose names you must have heard of include the following: Hachette Book Group, HarperCollins, Macmillan Publishers, Penguin Random House, and Simon and Schuster.

To get your self published through these publishers you must have a literary agent. Many people refer to literary agents as the middlemen. To get a literary agent, you must pitch a query letter to them which is more like a cover letter.

These traditional publishers can take so many years before they actually publish your book. But as far as I’m concerned I believe traditional publishing can be your best bet to popularity.

In Nigeria, it is even more difficult to get published and be popular.  Although we have some popular authors when you make your research you will find out that most were previously published by Nigerian publishers before shifting to the Western world. In traditional publishing, writers are not expected to pay any money. The publisher covers every single cost from cover making to editing to proofreading to formatting and printing the actual book.

Traditional publishers pay writers in royalties. These particular royalties come as advance payment before more royalties coming through sales.

Indie press

And the indie press is a publishing house that is independently owned. Most independent publishers cannot be compared to the popular big five listed above.

The indie press is not the same thing as self-publishing a book.

Indie presses only publish few titles in a year. They do not offer authors advance royalties. But they are similar to traditional publishers in the sense that they edit, format, create a cover and publish the book on behalf of the author. Most times the author signs a contract for a certain period of years.


Authors have been choosing this method of publishing recently. The most helpful platform for an author to publish his or her book is through Amazon’s Kindle Direct publishing and in Nigeria majority of self-publishers publish through Okada books. 

Don’t get me wrong there are other self-publishing sites but that’s all I can remember. Just so you know if you want to self-publish you have to cater for every cost. There’s a bad name going around for self-published books but who knows you might just break the jinx. There are enough authors that became popular through self-publishing.

Vanity Publishing

Vanity publishing is not the best option. Do not try it. Now that we’ve cleared that its time you know what vanity publishing means. Writers might be lucky to go with the Big Five and traditionally publish their book. Writers might also go with the Indy publishers. Writers might still decide to publish their own book and there’s also one where writers have to be the one to pay publishers. That is the simplest explanation for Vanity publishing. Vanity publishers not only ask you to pay,  you really have to pay ridiculous prices I won’t advise anybody to do that.

Hybrid Publishing

When we talk about hybrid publishing we mean writers who have experienced both sides of the coin. Hybrid publishing means a writer has been published through traditional publishing or a small press and they have also self-published their books.

 But in weighing every option in publishing you must always know the best option for you. I will still insist to never publish through vanity publishing. If you’re scared of self-publishing you might as well make research. Google popular writers who self-published their stories. Search on the internet about ya fiction writers who became popular even as a self-publisher. I hope this article helped.

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