High School Love: Episode 1

The noise was so alarming, exclaimed Miss Laura. She summoned the Pupils to stand up and raise up their hands.
So Peter stood up who was known as the class captain and told Miss Laura courageously that he has the names of noise makers.
Laughing !!!!!!!! (the pupils)
Miss Laura: I would report you all to the Principal.
It was break time …………..
Adeolu : who was the time keeper rang the bell……. It’s time for break.
Pupils : Everyone rushed out for break time to spend some time out of the class to relax their brain.
Peter : hello!!! Sade where are you up to.
Sade : I need to get some snacks and ice cream at the food vendor.
Peter : Can we go together
Sade : oh! Yes we can
Peter : he held Sade’s hand and they both went to the food vendor.
Sade : she smiled gently.
Mr. Adams : (A chemistry teacher) also came to buy some snacks at the food vendor and reminded Peter (class captain) to report to his office by 12:45pm.
Peter : Okay Sir.
Nancy and Rebecca : Gossips………… Can you imagine, I saw Peter and Sade feeding themselves snacks at the food vendor.
Akangbe : heard their discussion.
What is your business with that.
Mr. Alabi : a government teacher, entered SS2 (Art) class.
Our topic for today is “Tiers of government”
Repeat after me………..
Pupils : “Tiers of government”…………
Mr. Alabi : Who can tell me what he or she understands by “Tiers of government”
David: I sir
Mr. Alabi : Okay stand up.
David : Tiers of government can be divided into three namely: State government, Local government and the Federal government.
Mr. Alabi : Clap for him
Pupils: Clapping………………………. 👏
It was 1:58pm on a Monday afternoon. Pupils were preparing to close for the day..
Adeolu : rang the bell closing time.
Pupils: Everyone assembled at the assembly ground.
Mrs. Oshinowo: The Vice Principal (Admin) addressed the Pupils.
There would be a meeting with your parents scheduled for Thursday by 1:00p.m. It has been brought to my notice that some of you as failed to pay up your tuition fees, and to that note may deprive those that are yet to pay write exams.
Also, we would be preparing for inter-house sport fiesta and would need you to pay some levies to that regard.
Always be a good ambassador of our great school and do us proud in your academic performance.
You can all go home the school is closed for the day.
Thank you all and have a lovely day.
Pupils : Thank you Ma.
Crowd : Everyone were on their way home.
Help help help help!!!!!
Mr. Adisa : Driving…….. What happened!
Sade : Sir, I was bitten by the snake on my way home.
Mr. Adisa : Quickly rushed her to the hospital
Doctor : How do you feel now
Sade : I’m getting better Sir.
Mr. Adisa : sorry Sade I need to inform your parents about the incident that happened few hours ago.
Mr and Mrs Okesola: (Sade’s parents arrived the hospital)
Oh! my daughter what happened
Sorry my dear, I was terrified when I received the call from Mr. Adisa that you are in the hospital.
Thank you so much Mr. Adisa God bless you abundantly.
Mr. Adisa : Don’t mention Ma,
I would need to take my leave my kids would be expecting me at home.
Sade : Thank you Sir.
The next day…………………….
Peter : rushed into the hospital.
Oh my God how did it happened.
Sade : let’s just thank God
Mr. and Mrs. Okesola: Thank you my son.
Are you a friend to our daughter?
Peter : Yes Ma, we are classmates
A meeting with the Parents
Mr. Adedoyin: Good day to everyone
Parents/Teachers : Good day Sir
Mrs. Oshinowo: I would like you to read the minute of our previous meeting to the house.
Miss Laura: Okay Ma
The minute of the previous meeting was read to the parents and teachers
Mr. Adedoyin: (The Principal) Our purpose for this meeting is to discuss some cogent issues. First on the agenda is to appeal to our parents that are yet to pay their children school fees should please do so. Also we would be discussing on our upcoming Inter-house sports fiesta.
We would send invitations to that effect, and would like to make some of our parents

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