High School Love: Episode 2

High School Love: Episode 2
Sade’s Mother in the kitchen.
Sade and her friends at the stream.

Sade was with her friends at the stream to fetch some water.
Suddenly, the cloud was stormy, and there was a lightning with a strong breeze blowing ……………….wooooooooooh!!!!!
People started running in a disorganised way trying to hide in a safe place.
Suddenly, knocked at the door………..
Knock knock knock!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Oshinowo: Who’s at the door………
Vet Doctor : it’s me the Vet Doctor.
Mrs. Oshinowo: Oh please you can come in, we have been expecting you to examine our dog’s health condition.
The Vet Doctor went to examine the Dog

Vet Doctor : Hello Brandy, how are you?
Brandy : (the dog) showing sign of pleasantries to the Vet Doctor (Jumping up)
It was a sunny afternoon…… Sade and her friends were on their way to the stream to fetch some water. On their way going they met a stranger .
Sade : Goodafternoon Sir,
Stranger: Afternoon young girl. Where are you ladies going to this sunny afternoon?
Ifeoma : (one of the ladies) answered gently. We are going to the stream to fetch some water.
The Stranger looked at Sade, admiring her beauty with a gentle smile………………
Stranger: You look so beautiful young lady
Sade : Thank you Sir
Stranger: Probably we see some other time. Send my regards to your friends.
Goodbye ladies ✋
Sade and her friends : Goodbye Sir.
Sade and her friends got to the stream and put down their mud pots beside the stream.
Adesewa : (one of the ladies at the stream)
I feel like swimming. (She put off her gown and entered the stream to swim).
Sade : It’s already getting late. Let us all be on our way home.
Looked straight to Adesewa……………
Adesewa enough of your swimming let’s go home.
Adesewa : Okay Sade.
Sade : Mama Mama Mama!!!!! I’m back home.
Sade’s Mother : You should have slept at the stream. Imagine yourself taking so long time to fetch some water for me.
I’m going to deal with you.
Sade : Mama I’m sorry, Mama please!!!!!
Sade’s Mother : Come on!!! get inside you this naughty girl.
Sade’s Mother was in the kitchen preparing the meal for dinner. It was exactly 6:10pm in the evening.

Meanwhile, Sade was feeling so guilty of spending longer hours at the stream .
Sade : Sobs in her eyes.
Felt so sorry for her wrong actions. Then she started a song ………………………
A tone of musical rhythm ………………….
My mother, my mother, my mother
I’m sorry for hurting your feelings
Please forgive me oh my loving mother
I promise to obey your instructions
My loving mother I’m sorry forgive me.
Sobbing and feeling so sorry. The voice was getting louder and Sade’s Mother heard her daughter’s voice in a pathetic way.
So she went to her daughter and embraced her. Sade felt relieved and was happy.
Sade : Thank you my loving mother.
Sade’s mother : The dinner is prepared. Go and take your own food in the kitchen and dish your father’s food too.
He should be back home very soon.
Watch out for episode 3!!!!!!!
Story written by: Seun Akinola

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