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Fib and the Axe of Fury is an enthralling blend of vibrant fantasy and exotic African mythology.


“Never take your glasses off outside the walls of our home.”
When Fibikemi loses her glasses and inadvertently breaks her mother’s rule, she encounters something strange, and it is only the beginning of a weird and terrifying journey; in a matter of time, someone dangerous will come for her.
Her friend Aaron Oni has just two more months to live, and Fib’s obsession with saving Aaron pushes her to do the unimaginable.
Eventually, she discovers exactly why she must never take off her eyeglasses outside her home.
Fib and the Axe of Fury is an enthralling blend of vibrant fantasy and exotic African mythology.

3 reviews for FIB AND THE AXE OF FURY

  1. Onyi

    Fib and the Axe of Fury is like the most amazing read of the year so far!
    I found myself trying to look over Fib’s back for a peak into that awesome book.
    I like how the author gave us an insider’s view on how abuse can alter a child’s life.
    I appreciate that the main character is flawed, and how that flaw affected her quest for the perfect ending.
    Above all, I enjoyed watching Yoruba legends and myths come to life.

    Good job to the author, Esosa Kolawole, you nailed it.

  2. Emeka

    Reading fib and the axe of fury brought me to a world i wanted to dwell in. I kept my eyes fixed on the words and followed every character development to the end. A good book for you and your midnight Elf.

  3. FearGod Okeke

    With my love for fantasy laced with suspense and twisted plots, Esosa blew my mind with her debut work Fib and the Axe of Fury. A girl faced with the task of saving the lives of the people important to her while trying to discover her own powers and at the same time defeat powers after her life.
    Esosa really did a wonderful job especially with her artistry in bringing in Yoruba myths and legends. Can’t wait for the next book in the series

    • Best

      Thank you!

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