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Working with the author was also a joy. Esosa Kolawole is resourceful and hardworking. Give her a task and check it off your list. The way she worked with the production team for Fib and the Axe of Fury; useful suggestions, speedy corrections and timely work turn in helped move the work faster and smoother.

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8 Reasons to Read Fib and the Axe of fury

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Author Esosa Kolawole's book has sparked curiosity among some Nigerian readers and bloggers. And it’s not just because it's a Nigerian novel, but because of its blend with the Nigerian…

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2 ways to create a bookish character

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I’m definitely guilty of making my characters have one thing they are passionate about. It isn't a bad thing since we as humans have what we are passionate about. My…

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Flash Fiction

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Hey writers! Here’s a chance to challenge yourself and gain an audience while at it. Write a short story, not more than 1500 words on any genre and theme of…

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Folklore Collection

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Did you know that The Zuma got her name from the historical landmark ZUMA ROCK of Nigeria? Here, we believe that some things should just never die. For some of…

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