A Touch of Reality: Hard Copy Now Available

A Touch of Reality

A story that raises a lot of questions with some tragedic motions. You would wonder what ponders in the mind of Kelechi as she was kidnapped.

A Touch of Reality is now available in hard copy.

Here is the blurb: On her way to Aso rock for an interview, Kelechi is kidnapped and her otherwise meticulously organized life is turned upside down.

Only her captors aren’t interested in money. Everyday her life is filled with uncertainty. Lives are taken right in front of her. Every breath could be her last, and if she dies, hell is her next destination.

But is Kelechi willing to go to hell and back to save her own life?

Get your copy at: https://zumapublishing.com/books/a-touch-of-reality-paper-back/?v=bf7410a9ee72

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