8 Reasons to Read Fib and the Axe of fury

Author Esosa Kolawole’s book has sparked curiosity among some Nigerian readers and bloggers.

And it’s not just because it’s a Nigerian novel, but because of its blend with the Nigerian teenage life, mythology and paranormal. Readers will meet the sassy 17-year-old protagonist once it hits the stores this Friday, 21st of June.

Fibikemi Adeosun, in this series follows a detail journey of her life from being the basic Nigerian teenager with only one goal: to pass her W. A. S. S. C exams to discovering her true heritage as an oracle of Orunmila, the Yoruba god of divinity, and embarking on a quest to keep her classmates safe. Especially, when she discovers her classmate has two months to live.If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy now, let us give you reasons to order it now.

1. Esosa Kolawole is an amazing storyteller. What started out as a free five-line- story prompt for the author, turned out to be a full novel. “I just wanted to write about a girl who has super powers. I wanted a girl who can see the future, but the entire story changed when I realised the book two will be a full blown mythology story.”

She wanted the second installment to be about Yemoja and her descendants and decided maybe it’s time to add myth to book one. The book’s world is vividly depicted to the point that the concept of gods, goddesses, demons and seers became an addiction for the author.

2. You’ll notice the story has fun characters.The first time you read Fib and the Axe of fury, it’s a speed-reading mission. You’re on your toes to know if she’ll succeed in keeping her friends safe. But then, you’ll discover there’s a joker in the story, the selfish, the stiff, and the moody etc.

3. The series shows the torture teenagers might face in school and while growing up. Fibikemi is a nice kid, average in class. With her own family problems. She has to maneuver school as well as the problem in her past. Part of it she blames herself and part… Let’s not give you a spoiler 😁.

4. The book brings mythology alive and make it meaningful to teenagers and adults too. Prior to Fibikemi’s realization that she’s a seer and part of the oracle of Orunmila, her mother casts spells upon spells to keep her from knowing the truth about herself. “Never take off your glasses outside the walls of our home.”

And perhaps you haven’t yet found a book where Nigerians casts spells, but Fib and the Axe of fury shows readers subjects that you may find irrelevant and perhaps boring actually might come in handy one day. For example: mythology gods from Nigeria. Maybe it’s high time our language teachers in Nigerian schools started teaching mythology too.

5. No, seriously, you’ll actually learn some facts about Yoruba mythology. You’ll find out more in book two. Who knows what other tribes she’ll dive into in book two?

6. The story offers the reminder that family dynamics are tough—even if (and especially if) one of your parents is a seer too.Sometimes fictional families can make teenagers feel like their own families are even weirder than they thought. But the truth is that families aren’t perfect. We see that in this book with some characters: they all have their own battles to face in their families. Every single one of them.

7. Bullies you say? Aren’t they some of the issues teenagers face. Aren’t they some of the reasons teenagers commit suicide?And it’s pretty cool that this book teaches us that bullying is wrong.

8. The message that being a hero doesn’t mean you win everytime.You win some you loose some Ehn?Yes, Fibikemi has to save people. She has the most important tool of all: seeing the past and the future. With this power, you can rewrite fate. But she’s not Wonder Woman. Duh 😋.

We really want to tell you more, but we are afraid we will ruin the fun. Click this link to pre-order your copy for just 3$( 1,090 Naira) and get the First five chapters, an high resolution poster of Fib and the Axe of fury and an extra short story.


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