2 ways to create a bookish character

I’m definitely guilty of making my characters have one thing they are passionate about.

It isn’t a bad thing since we as humans have what we are passionate about. My main character from Fib and the Axe of fury loves drawing.

Another character: Aaron, he likes poems. So yes, you can make your characters as bookish as possible. One of my characters in WIP is a paranormal writer.

There are ways to put across that your character is very bookish. Here are the two tips:

1. Show That They Own Books.

Psst* you can even make them a bookstagrammer!

One technique I’ve found effective is to slide into the story hints at the characters’ reading habits. For instance, while a character is snooping around another character’s bedroom, she notices books scattered on the floor. If she loves colourful books, you might make her tell us how delicious that cover looks.

2. Have Characters Do Research — like Hermione from Harry Potter.

But, sometimes you do want to show your character cracking open a book. My main character from Fib and the Axe of fury might not be bookish so much but she literally relied on books everytime she needed to summon a spell.

Now, there’re lots of ways to incorporate a character’s reading into the plot. You could have themes from their reading material mirror their real life predicaments. You could have a scene where a passage from a book they’re trying to focus on keeps reminding them off something else they’re dealing with. Or, you could have the characters crack open a book to research whatever their nagging concern might be.

Are your characters bookworms? Leave a comment below.


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